Syntactic Theory @ Boğaziçi University

ST@BU (Syntactic Theory @ Boğaziçi University) meetings start next week.

Time: Thursday Nov 18, at 5:00 pm.
Venue: Zoom (Link TBA on ST@BU website)


What is ST@BU?

ST@BU is a syntax reading group that meets bi-weekly. The primary goal of the reading group is to establish an informal but guided academic platform that fosters advanced research and collaboration in syntactic theory. To achieve this goal, we plan to pick a particular theme for an academic year and read as many papers as we can on the topic and deepen our understanding. We hope that this will give people opportunities to gain depth in a theme and also do collaborative reasearch, present their work and get feedback in a low pressure setting.


How will it work?
We are planning to hold 1 hour meetings. As the faculty sponsors, we commit to presenting the papers and leading the discussion throughout the year. However, we encourage the participants (especially grad students) to volunteer to present papers, lead disucssions, bring up questions, etc. If you want to grow in academia, this is an excellent opportunity.

Each year, we will shortlist some papers and share them with everyone. We will also solicit input from the participants.


What’s this year’s theme?
We picked Case and Agreement as this year’s theme. As the faculty sponsors, we thought that this is a theme we have enough interest in as well as the depth to lead the discussions and direct research. If there’s a whopping majority who would like another theme, we are happy to reconsider the theme.


Who can attend?
Anyone. Grad, undergrad, linguist or no linguist. Simply anyone. This is an informal venue and you can come and go as you please.