PhD Dissertations

Title of the thesis Submission Date Author Advisor(s){u00FC}ven&searchscope=5&SORT=R/XMine+G{u00FC}ven&searchscope=5&SORT=R&SORT=RZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=Mine+Güven/1%2C12%2C12%2CB/frameset&FF=XMine+G{u00FC}ven&searchscope=5&SORT=R&2%2C2%2C Adverbials in Turkish: the third parameter in aspectual interpretation 2004 Mine Güven Eser Erguvanlı Taylan Case as an uninterpretable feature 2006 Ceyda Arslan Kechriotis A. Sumru Özsoy A government phonology analysis of Turkish consonants 2006 Ercan Balcı Ann Denwood A split model for category specification: lexical categories in Turkish 2009 Dilek Uygun Aslı Göksel Resumption, A’- chains and implications on clausal architecture 2010 Hasan Mesud Meral A. Sumru Özsoy A computational approach to collectivity and distributivity in Turkish quantificational sentences 2010 Eda Esra Bülbül Mine Nakipoğlu, Meltem Kelepir Semantic, prosodic, and syntactic marking of Information Structural Units in Turkish 2015 Aslı Gürer Aslı Göksel