BLC Talk by Aliyar Özercan on December 12

The Department of Linguistics would like to announce a BLC talk on Thursday, December 12th. The talk by Aliyar Özercan on "Evidentiality and Its Challenge to the Propositional Theorieswill take place in JF 321 at 15:00, and will be open to everyone. 
Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2019
Time: 15:00
Title: "Evidentiality and Its Challenge to the Propositional Theories"
Talk Details: The briefest summary of the talk/research: by introducing degrees of commitment to the statement that we put forward for consideration, evidentials force us to either modify the propositional theories that we have in philosophy of language or abandon them.


Aliyar Özercan is currently a PhD student at University of Connecticut, the coordinator of Expression Communication and Meaning (ECOM) Research Group, and a IBACS-BRIC Research Assistant in Neuroimaging. Before that, he was a PhD student at Bogazici University for a brief period of time. He holds his Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the Philosophy Department at Middle East Technical University (METU).