Talk by Filiz Mutlu on 25.01 on "Valence and Saturation in Phonology"

We would like to announce a talk by Filiz Mutlu on the 25.01 on "Valence and Saturation in Phonology". Everyone is invited to attend the talk at  at 11:00, which will take place in JF 321.
Time: 25.01, 11:00
Location: JF 321
Segmental components (features, elements, etc) are unequal in their contribution to phonotactic strength and their role in phonological interactions. For example, nasals assimilate to obstruents but not vice versa; in+possible → impossible. Existing theories assume acoustic/articulatory components which stand in no inherent hierarchical relation to one another. They cope with attested asymmetries by arranging these components into feature-geometric nodes (Clements 1985, Padgett 1994) or by assigning properties like charm (Kaye et al. 1990). Such arrangement is stipulative since it does not follow from the components themselves.
Event Date Start: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2017
Event Date End: 
Wednesday, January 25, 2017