Full Time

JF 302
JF 302 4912 akar@boun.edu.tr

Discourse analysis, genre analysis, language and gender, language acquisition

JF 307
JF 307 4903 umit.atlamaz {atsign} boun.edu.tr

Case, Ergativity, Case/Agreement-Split, Partial agreement, Agreement disruptions, Differential Object Marking, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Inference, Ontology

JF 311
JF 311 4908 metin.bagriacik@boun.edu.tr

morpho-syntactic micro-variation, diachronic morpho-syntax, language-contact at the morpho-syntactic level, cartographic syntax, word structure, Modern Greek dialects, Turkish

JF 312
JF 312 4914 stefano.canalis@boun.edu.tr

Phonological representations, feature theory, stress, lenition, vowel harmony, diachronic phonology, phonetics/phonology interrelations, history of linguistics

JF 309
JF 309 4906 omerfaruk.demirok@boun.edu.tr

syntax (argument structure, case, agreement, nominalization, word order), formal semantics (scope, intensionality, conditionals), morphology (Distributed Morphology, Nanosyntax), Turkish, Caucasian languages, endangered languages, fieldwork

JF 312
JF 312 4902 kadir.gokgoz@boun.edu.tr

Age of Acquisition Effects, Bimodal-Bilingualism, Prosody-Syntax Interaction, Deaf Education, Literacy, Turkish Sign Language (TİD), American Sign Language (ASL), Turkish

JF 305
JF 305 4901 elena.guerzoni@boun.edu.tr

Formal semantics, formal pragmatics, and their interaction with syntax focusing on the following empirical domains across languages: Negative Polarity and Negative Concord, interrogative sentences and predicates that embed them, presupposition projection, and focus associating particles.





JF 301
JF 301 7299 nakipogl at boun.edu.tr

Language and Cognition, Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Morphology, Information Structure in Turkish, Prosody-Pragmatics/Semantics Interface.



JF 303
JF 303 4911 balkiz.ozturk@boun.edu.tr

Caucasian Languages, Altaic Languages, Turkic Languages, Theoretical Syntax, Semantics

Part-Time Faculty


Abkhaz language and history

JF 307
JF 307 4903 gokselas@boun.edu.tr

Word structure, Morphology-Syntax Interface, Prosody-Syntax Interface, Information structure in Turkish, Turkish Sign Language

JF 310
JF 310 6623 ozsoys@boun.edu.tr

Syntax, structure of Turkish, Caucasian languages, cognitive linguistics, sign languages, Turkish Sign Language

JF 309
JF 309 4906 taylanes@boun.edu.tr

Structure of Turkish, Turkish phonology, tense-aspect-modality, morphology and syntax/semantics interface, verbal system of Laz